Difference Between Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code

Visual studio and visual studio code look the same with the name. But there is a difference between both. In the article, we have mentioned all the differences between visual studio vs visual studio code. This will clear your confusion about both IDEs.

Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the IDEs. And it is developed by Microsoft. Basically, VS is designed to use for different kinds of software development like mobile apps, computer programs, web apps, websites, and web services. Visual studio assignment help allows you to create high-performance and scalable apps by using the collection of tools and technologies. 

Visual Studio Code, on the other hand, is described as “Build and debug online and cloud apps, developed by Microsoft. Here web and cloud apps include web services and web apps. Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows for which users can get the code for free.

Some important points about Visual studio and visual studio code

Visual Studio

The current Visual Studio version is Microsoft’s premier IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for macOS and Windows. With VS, you can generate, examine, debug, test, help, and use your software. 

Visual Studio has 17 workloads on Windows, compatible with the tool and component installation packages for different development objectives. Workloads are a major factor in the installation process of Visual Studio because a full Visual Studio installation and download can take hours, especially an SSD.

As compared to the Windows version Visual Studio installation process for Mac is less complicated because it does not support as many targets. It enables you to develop for the web, desktop, mobile, and with .Net, Azure, Unity, and Docker support added by default. The Android, .Net Core, macOS, and iOS targets are optional.

Visual Studio Code

It is a lightweight but robust source code compiler that works on your PC and is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS. It comes with a built-in assistant for JavaScript, Node.js, and TypeScript. It has a strong ecosystem of extensions for different languages (C sharp, C++, Java, PHP, Python, and Go) and runtimes (Unity and . Net). 

It has IntelliSense code completion for procedures, variables, and imported plugins. Apart from the whole concept of being lightweight, it has different editing features such as refactoring and snazzy code navigation. 

Now, let’s check the difference between visual studio vs visual studio code.

Difference: Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code

They are two different types of tools created for different purposes. If anyone says one is better than the other tool without proper knowledge of both, it won’t benefit you. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between visual studio vs visual studio code. 

Visual Studio:

  • As the name shows, it is an IDE (integrated development environment), and it includes all the features needed for the development of the project. Like debugger, code auto-completion, database integration, configurations, server setup, and so on.
  • It is a perfect solution often utilized by and for .NET-related developers. It covers everything from source command to bug tracker to deployment tools, etc. It has everything that is needed for advancement.
  • Visual Studio is extensively used on projects related to .NET (it can also be used for other things). The community version is free, but if you want to get more functionalities then you have to purchase it.
  • Visual Studio is intended to be the best IDE (integrated development environment), which gives complete stack development toolsets that include a compelling code completion component called IntelliSense. A debugger that is helpful in debugging both machine code and source code, everything about ASP.NET development, and something about Structured query language development.
  • You can produce a cross-platform application in the most advanced version of Visual Studio without leaving the integrated development environment. And Visual Studio uses more than 8 GB of disk space (depends on the components you choose).
  • In summary, Visual Studio is the latest development environment, and it’s pretty heavy.

Visual Studio Code:

  • Visual Studio is a lightweight source code editor that can be utilized to see, edit, manage, and debug source code for applications.
  • VS doesn’t have any scaffolding support.
  • It is an emulator of Sublime Text or Atom on Electron.
  • It is oriented around files, not projects.
  • Visual Studio code based on the Electron framework used to create a cross-platform desktop application utilizing web technologies.
  • It doesn’t have a provision for the control system of the Microsoft version Team Foundation Server.
  • For Microsoft file types and related features, it has limited IntelliSense.
  • Developers mainly use it on a Mac that deals with client-side technologies (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS).

Let’s wrap it up!!

We have given all the necessary details regarding the difference between both Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code. Both these tools are designed for different purposes. Use Visual Studio if you’re using Windows and want strong coding support. Another option would be to use Visual Studio Code, which is an excellent lightweight developer’s tool. Select any of these as per your work requirement.

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