Stay focused on the goal!

Today I want to focus on a very simple principle.

We must be focused on our goal to achieve it!

I know this is trivial, but how many times a day do you lose your focus on your goal?

You know when you run to the gym, you set a time and a speed and start running without thinking too much?

Eventually you finish the workout and you haven’t even realized the effort too much.

That’s if you want to achieve your goal you have to do the same thing.

You have to run and not get off the carpet because your phone is ringing, you want to do another exercise….

Set a goal, identify actions to achieve it, and perform them without distraction.

Let’s see how this aspect translates into our personal finance choices.

In this article

  • Automation
  • Constance
  • Concreteness
  • Timing
  • Do it NOW!


If you want to better manage your own finances you have to give a damn!

You have to have certain rules that work. Transfers between accounts must take place automatically and you must avoid choosing how to invest your money every day.

Don’t discuss your financial choices every time, automate them!

Otherwise, you will waste valuable time that you could devote to seeking new income or living your life.

Of course, if you are tired you can reduce the speed of the treadmill, but do not keep increasing and decreasing the speed.

If your goal is to get rich, focus on finding new income and saving time and money.


How many times do you start a diet and then start eating?

How many times do you propose not to waste money and then go back to spending without brakes?

What did you do today to earn more?

That’s if you have a goal you have to be consistent. If you want to run 10 km, there is no point in running the first km very fast and then stopping pumped …

You can also slow down, but you have to be constant!


Perhaps this is the most important principle.

Here I want to tell you: getting rich is not a goal.

How much do you want to earn? 100,000 euros a day is a goal, unrealistic for many, but concrete.

To be focused you must have a concrete goal, otherwise you will never be able to achieve it.

If you can measure something, you can reach it or not.

Alternatively, you are just making a list of good intentions.


To achieve your goal, you need to give yourself a timeline.

In most cases, too long periods are not needed.

Try to give your best in 90 days maximum and you will see that you will not disperse. You don’t need 365 days!

Do it NOW!

Finally I want to tell you one of the most important secrets to not procrastinate your actions.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, next Monday, next month, after the holidays …

If you want to do something for you, you have to do it immediately, without making excuses and justifying delays.

In conclusion, I would ask you to find a personal finance goal and start working on it right away for the next 90 days by measuring and tracking the results.

Do you want to share them with all of us? Here I forgot if you want to reach your goal one of the fundamental aspects is to find someone to share your goal with.

If you want to share them with me / us, we are all ears!

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