Personalized Golf Balls

Looking to personalize golf balls? Design your custom golf balls with your company’s logo, text and images. You can design your golf balls online for upcoming local tournaments, charity events or for your every day business and organizations. For over 12 years, OnCore Golf is a leading designer & manufacturer of personalized golf balls. You can design your custom golf balls for businesses, tournaments, charities and organizations online or contact a sales rep today! Please use the contact information below to reach a OnCore sales representative and personalize our award-winning golf balls with your company logo, text and more… For Existing Custom Golf Balls or to Customize Online Today! Looking to Personalize Golf Balls in Any Quantity – including custom golf balls for tournaments, charity, other events and businesses? OnCore provides the best Personalized Golf Balls and Custom Golf Ball Designs for companies and organizations in every state, all around the US and Canada. Need a unique design? Let OnCore Golf help design your personalized golf ball.

The average child grows two and a half inches per year, and professionals agree that for every two inches your child grows, an inch should be added to their club. So every year, your child gets a custom fit golf club. Accu-Length golf clubs have been exhaustively tested with a maximum of four spacers, so each club is designed to be used for up to five seasons. Additionally, each club has a “lock” at the top of the shaft that is designed to guarantee the grip will not unscrew or rotate during use. Head weight, loft and shaft flexibility are three very important elements to a quality junior golf club. Each set of Accu-Length golf clubs have been designed with proper head weights and lofts for the intended age group. As your child grows and their skills develop, the spacer system of the Accu-Length golf club actually stiffens the shaft, slowly easing the forgiveness of the club as the speed of your child’s swing speed increases. With high-quality, scratch-resistant stainless steel heads, your child will enjoy years of golfing fun with clubs built just like Dad’s.

Add a truly personal touch to your favorite Titleist golf balls with personalized text and color. 1 ball in golf for a truly custom golf experience. These golf balls will take 4-5 weeks for delivery, and will be shipped directly from Titleist. Minimum order quantity is 1 dozen. Titleist AVX Golf Balls are designed for golfers seeking a Premium Performance golf ball while prioritizing distance and extremely soft feel. These golf balls feature a new, thinner cast urethane elastomer cover system that delivers premium scoring control with an exceptionally soft feel and long-lasting durability. Titleist AVX golf balls are constructed with a unique, catenary aerodynamic design that generates a piercing, low flight. Rather than having a variety of numbers on your golf balls, 1-4 for example, Special Play golf balls will all have the same number on every golf ball. Low long game – for more distance. Increased spin and control – for improved greenside performance. New larger core formulation. Redesigned high flex casing layer. New thinner cast urethane elastomer cover system. Unique catenary aerodynamic dimple design.

The price of advertising has gone sky high. Small and new businesses struggle to afford newspaper, radio or other types of traditional advertising. The search is on to find alternative ways to get their name out. Giving customers or potential customers promotional gifts make them feel important to a company or organization. Golf balls are an affordable. Useful promotional product for any type of business. Golf balls can be customized by adding a company name. Logo or include a slogan to spread a message. The packaging can also be customized with a picture of the business or a description of what the company has to offer. Packaging comes in many forms. You can choose from plastic tubes to elegant velour pouches. Golf tees and ball markers can also be added to the package. They are also useful tools for the golfer. Ball markers are used on almost every golf hole. A logo on the marker adds more exposure for the business.