How Sleep And Mental Health Are Related?

Nature has bestowed an abundance of resources on us and being close to nature not only rejuvenates mind but also soothes the soul.
That's why after taking a trip to the mountains or beaches quenches the soul. With time and advancement of technology, there has been a lot of changes in daily life due to which one has been bound to a mundane routine. This routine has people bound to a sitting job on a computer or a laptop for a minimum of 8 hours a day.

The human body has a tendency to adapt to lifestyle but it does come with some repercussions. A few of these involve disturbances in sleep and poor mental health. However, sleep and mental issues are related. If one of them is not stable, the other is bound to get affected.
Not getting enough sleep can affect the well-being of the mind and it's worse for people who suffer from insomnia. They are prone to mental disorders from others who sleep a decent amount of time.

What happens during sleep?

After a long day at work, the human body needs rest to repair it and the healing process takes place during sleep.

There are four stages through which a person goes through when sleeping and each stage is deeper than the other. At first, human body temperature starts to fall, muscles begin to relax and breathing gets slower followed by heart rate. Finally, a stage where the body's immunity is boosted.
If a person doesn't take rest, issues start to stir up and these are not only mental issues but one also feels drained of energy during the day.

When a person is dreaming, the eyes move and the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing body temperature start to get high as if the person is awake.

They eventually become normal when the dream ends. Some people complain of not feeling well-rested even after sleeping due to vivid dreams that feel very real.

If a person doesn't get enough sleep or it is interrupted, the stress hormones or the neurotransmitters get badly affected.
It can have terrible consequences on the thought process and emotions. Sometimes dreams get triggered with stress and sleep gets hindered. That's why it is crucial to sleep without stress or many thoughts. It takes some time achieving this state but is equally necessary these days to combat stress, depression or any other health issues.

Mental Illnesses

According to Harvard Medical School, there are more than 70 types of sleep disorders. The most common sleep disorders that people are familiar with are insomnia, narcolepsy or obtrusive sleep apnea. If a person is suffering through depression, the effect is multiplied.

What to do?

If suffering through depression, the person either sleeps a lot or doesn't sleep at all. The effect is on the extreme. The near and dear ones should consult a doctor and get the necessary treatment done. Small steps can help people in achieving a balance that may vary from person to person. These steps involve drinking chamomile tea to soothe the nerves, stop using gadgets, listen to soft & subtle music, breathing exercises, reading a book and meditation. These steps have known to make a positive difference self hypnosis for weight loss people suffering from any kind of mental illness, promoting happy hormones.

Apart from these, certain lifestyle changes should also be implemented to ensure a healthy mind and body such as eating healthy food, avoiding alcohol and less caffeine intake. All these activities will start changing lives for better, it's best if one doesn't do these activities all at once.

It can be overwhelming and sometimes people leave in between. Small steps will be wise and as time passes incorporate more activities to achieve the goal.

While taking care of mental and physical health, many people often forget that mattresses play an imperative role in providing optimal sleep.

With the right mattress, the recovery can smoothen things.


There are many types of mattresses available in the market such as memory foam, orthopedic, latex and gel. The demand for orthopedic mattresses is on the rise these days even in India.

It is designed to lessen the back or neck pain and aligns the spine, promoting restful sleep. Given its benefits including durability, some believe it is better than the spring or memory foam mattress.

It's recommended that the person should buy a mattress after taking in all the factors involving the type of mattress that will suit the best.

A little search on the internet along with a trial would help the person buy the ideal mattress. Don't rush into buying a mattress and regretting it later.

Work is important but so is health, therefore it's imperative to take care of it.

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With the aforementioned solutions and finding the right mattress, one can live life in harmony. Whether it’s for a single bed or double bed, one can easily find a mattress including memory foam mattress online.