Best Shipping Method During The Pandemic

Recently, the form of delivery through a third party or called a shipper is no longer strange to everyone. In order to avoid direct contact and limit the risk of spreading the COVID-19 disease, people instead of going to markets, restaurants, etc., mainly buy goods online, order food with ordering applications such as Grab, DHL eCommerce, FedEx, UPS, Uber,…

Not to mention the damage that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to us, but let’s look at it from another angle, COVID-19 is stimulating the creative minds of mankind. Below is the Best Shipping Method During The Pandemic that you can refer to.

1. Indirect delivery

In response to COVID-19, GrabFood officially launched an indirect delivery option. After placing an order through the app, the customer will add a specific location (convenient for the receiving and delivery party) to the order. When the delivery drivers arrive at the appointed place, they will wait at a distance of 2-3m. This is the form applied to many countries with complicated epidemic patterns.

If the consignee does not have a specific pickup location that is convenient for receiving the goods, the shipper will place the order on the GrabFood bag and move back 2-3m to ensure safety at the request of the customer.

This indirect delivery option is a bit laborious, but it is a practical and effective measure to ensure the health of GrabFood customers and drivers during the complicated epidemic situation.

2. Grocery delivery service

Not only GrabFood offers new delivery options, but Instacart also offers Grocery delivery service to customers. On the application, the customer will manually enter the item to buy, the Instacart driver will calculate the total amount to be paid by the customer. This is a pretty useful feature in the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic.

However, with the Grocery delivery service option, which is a relatively new option, many people are not familiar with this form of purchase. Moreover, the feature is still incomplete and has not been officially announced, there will certainly be many shortcomings, such as incorrect purchase, payment method, … still complicated and no plan. to handle.

This is a form of restricting people from going out when not necessary. We can take advantage of drivers to let them go to the market for us, and deliver food to our homes. This could be the future of delivery when we just need to sit at home with a smartphone or a website to make a menu list for dinner easily. Although this method has disadvantages such as the driver buying by mistake or buying wrongly, it will still be a great potential delivery method in the future.

3. Delivery by Drone

The world’s largest e-commerce platform Amazon has successfully tested its drone delivery program across a number of categories and sectors. Indeed, we can see that this is the trend of the future, when the epidemic is complicated, the method of delivery via drone offers a much safer experience than face-to-face delivery.

In some countries, modern technology has pioneered this type of food serving with the aim of reducing contact during the COVID-19 epidemic season. According to the customer’s experience, after the images of the drone replacing the food server, the number of customers coming to the restaurant has increased by 2 times compared to normal days.

However, I see, this method only helps to reduce the contact between the staff of the mandarin and the customer, but between the guests is not certain. Because after this information was posted on social networks, there were more customers coming to the shop, the possibility of contact between customers was also higher, which would inevitably lead to the possibility of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

In terms of personal form, using a Drone as a waiter is really cool, and can replace human working. And I’m sure, this phenomenon will also stimulate transcendental brains to create more intelligent and modern forms of service robots in the future.

Many unique delivery methods were born thanks to our creativity. But any method is directed towards one main purpose, which is to minimize contact between people, because of the high risk of coronavirus infection.


And lastly, don’t forget that when you order anything, you should find a way to get the best price. Especially in the context of the extremely complicated covid pandemic, the economy has certain recessions, the more you need to save. At the same time, it is necessary to look for discount code programs and support shoppers especially during the pandemic. Searching for discount codes, coupons for special categories such as health, facemask, … will save you a good amount of money.

You should know how to choose the necessary items to buy in this period, especially you should pay attention to prioritize health care items.


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