How to Style Printed Shirts for Men like a Pro

When it comes to wearing Printed Shirts for Men, clubbing the right shade with the right print and combination is like fitting a puzzle’s pieces. One mistake and the whole image will get spoiled. And none would really want that.


Hence, to spare you from creating fashion mistakes or to usually enhance your style quotient, here are some style tips to carry printed shirts comfortably!


Style Tips to Wear Men’s Printed Shirts like a Pro


1. Wear with Blue Denim Jeans


The ditsy pattern on a shirt with rolled-up sleeves is a great example of fusion prints. You can easily pull off this kind of print at a family occasion if clubbed with black or blue denim jeans, sunglasses, and maroon or black slip-on shoes. Wear a bracelet for making the printed shirt look better, and you are ready to rock.


2. Go for Black Jeans or Chinos




This attire is not just amazing for a casual get-together or family party but also ideal for casual Fridays at offices. Club the attire with bracelets or a watch, and white sneakers. And you are good to go.


3. Wear with Cotton Trousers


Cotton Trousers
Cotton Trousers


In case Men’s Printed Shirts define rustic for you, you can easily style them with loose-fit cotton trousers, leather shoes, and hats. Most men don’t try to experiment with this understated look. However, if arranged well, can amp up your whole confidence and attire. Furthermore, men simply like the houndstooth print.


4. Choose Blue Slim-Fit Jeans


Generally, teardrop prints are inspired by the Paisley printing style that comes from the European culture. This print on a shirt and also an asymmetrical one is a great style for men. Moreover, if you club this with blue slim-fit jeans and loafers, the whole look will attract others’ to an event. You can wear this on a family occasion and get every compliment you deserve.


5. Pair with Black Jeans & White Sneakers


Floral printed shirts look amazing with fundamental accessories like bracelets and hats. Just club them with black or blue chinos or jeans and white sneakers. And create a style statement with the most reliable men’s printed shirts.


6. Color Block Your Cotton Trousers with Neutral Sneakers


Color block with prints is a great way of styling printed shirts for men. You can wear the shirt buttoned-up to the top, trousers of the precisely same color, and spice it up with white, beige, or any other neutral color sneakers. Rolled-up sleeves are not recommended for this look but you can adorn it with a messenger bag.


7. Embrace a Formal Look


Formal Look
Formal Look


A formal printed shirt is something men feel safe with. This attire is quite similar to the second style tip given in this list, nevertheless with some minor changes. Rather than chinos or jeans, wear formal trousers and belts for finishing the look and wear formal shoes like oxfords and Derby’s.


When it comes to fashion, printed are men’s best friends. Follow these style tips and create a dashing look easily.

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