Why is Industrial Style Interior Popular? Things You Need to Know

Industrial style in interior design is one of the most elegant and creative modern designs over the years. It’s inspired by the old industrial buildings of New York and London, yet it’s still popular today! Industrial interiors have a rough and distinct look which has become very popular among interior designers, homeowners, and developers. 

Its main elements are the exposed original architectural features, polished concrete, rough wood, and use of industrial lighting. If you want to know more about this particular design, read the full article below. 

Why is Industrial Interior Design So Popular? 

Industrial interior design is popular because of how it originated. It was cost-effective to buy properties like old abandoned industrial buildings, and a lot of artists saw this as an opportunity before. It gave birth to art studios and homes. 

After this, huge parts of big cities like London and New York started changing into artistic hubs. The industrial artistic look became very stylish. Also, one of the reasons for the popularity of modern industrial interior design is the fact that it’s rooted in second hand or vintage stuff; which are cheaper and more sustainable than new furniture. 

What Makes a Room Industrial? 

The industrial style is very identical to how a warehouse looks—both ensuring the use of cool raw, wide-open spaces, and unfinished decor. Normally, a living that has an industrial style touch usually utilized materials like exposed ductwork, pipes, Edison bulbs, unfinished woods, metals, concrete, leather and some utilitarian objects. 

The industrial style is synonymous with the warehouse look—both make use of cool raw and unfinished decor and wide-open spaces. Industrial living room designs use materials like Edison bulbs, exposed ductwork, pipes, unfinished woods, concrete, metals, leather and utilitarian objects.

What Colours are Usually Utilized in Industrial Style? 

The colours that you should use for a modern industrial style home are black, white, grey, and browns. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to choose a brown paint colour. If you already have an exposed brick wall, the brown element is what qualifies and you can turn your attention to adding the other elements to your space. 

What is Rustic Industrial Style? 

Rustic Industrial style gets hints from either rural and urban worlds. So, this simply means that you can use elements like wood furniture and metal finishes. Wood looks amazing in traditional home designs, on the other hand, metal finishes compliments home with modern designs. You may combine rustic furniture with industrial furniture to achieve this style. 

How to Make Walls Look Industrial? 

For your walls, the common rule here is to always opt for neutral. You may consider light grey walls which are the most ideal for the look. To add some contrasts, you can incorporate darker tones through your rugs or skirting boards. Aside from that, you can also try glossy and white with dark grey grouting if you don’t want to make any mistakes. 

If you live in an apartment and you want to make it feel industrial, use neutral tones. But make sure to warm it up to give your space a more refined touch. Don’t feel hesitant to play with contrast and make sure you add some brown and beige for your rugs or furniture. Maintain bright colours to a minimal amount and utilize them only when on small items of decor to increase their impact. 

How Do I Soften an Industrial Space? 

You can match rich and distinct materials with raw and rough ones to make sure that an industrial space released warmth and comfort. Also, try to incorporate bold and colourful rugs, window treatments, pillows, and fabrics to make a nice contrast with the raw materials of industrial space, therefore transforming the cold interior to a warm one in an instant. 

What Lighting is Ideal for Industrial Decors? 

Lighting is a major interior design element. When it comes to industrial style interiors, we recommend that you use the lighting together with architectural features. For instance, you can have a LED Strip mood lighting that you can hide behind structural and joinery elements which can provide your space with a lovely ambience. Once you’re done deciding on the mood you like and the functional lighting, you can now explore elegant industrial lighting fixtures.

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