Home Remedies for Constipation

Has it become a common problem?

Now-a-days, constipation has turned to be a common aspect. It is not even considered as an disorder. Why is that, no significance is given to the defecation rules? Don’t you think that, defecation is not given much importance when compared to the importance given for the intake of food? When we are conscious enough to clean the outer body daily by taking bath, don’t you think the same cleanliness is needed for the inside of the body? Is it not important for the body to throw away those wastes and hazardous toxins out of the body?

What is constipation?

Constipation is nothing but an irregularity in the digestive system, which results in a difficulty to eliminating feces on a daily basis. One may suffer from a painful defecation. In chronic conditions, one would suffer bleeding with feces.

Why does it occur?

Some of the causes for constipation are dietary reasons, side effects of the drugs that we use, hormonal imbalances, anatomical conditions of the body, other disorders in functioning of the body or might be due to illness.

Do we know that, roughage is the one important component needed for a proper bowel movement? Yes, we do. Do we know that, fruits and raw vegetables contain an enormous amount of roughage, which animal food does not contain? Yes we do. But the thing is, what we know, we do not practice. Here, I am not pointing out people who take the recommended daily amount of fresh vegetables needed. They do not suffer from constipation, mostly. Many of us love junk food, don’t we? Junk food contains a lot of those extra calories but not roughages.

We must understand that, constipation creates a lot of health issues. One should not be careless towards the problem of constipation and invite other many diseases.

How to avoid hard motion?

Drinking lots of water helps in this regard. Taking a good amount of fluids every day is good to softens motion.

Taking 3 bowels of fruits and vegetables every day helps improve this condition. Taking refined food items paves the way to hard motion. So, one must not develop a habit to consume food made of highly refined flour, on a regular basis. When there is an urge for defecation, one should not ignore it.

Are there means to cure constipation permanently?

There is a great secret which I would like to reveal to you. Acupressure is a great remedy, which helps to defecate daily. Both left and right hands have the pressure points, for solving the problem of constipation. The exact center point of the inner side of the palm of both hands, are the points to be pressed for treating constipation. For people suffering from constipation, there would be pain in those pressure points. Either you can use your hand or the back blunt side of a pen/pencil/wooden stick to press on the points. Note that you should not use the sharp, pointing side of the pen/pencil. I shall explain the pattern to press the pressure points. You should press for a second and release it the next second, then press and release ……like a pumping process. Each point should be pressed for 2 minutes, thrice daily. You would see a mark able difference in your defecation pattern in a matter of 3 or 4 days. But continue doing it. It would not take much of your time.

Fiber rich grains like oats and horse gram should be taken on a regular basis. Taking 2 to 3 liter of water, according to the body condition is important for a regular and easy bowel movement. This would help one defecate easily.

Physical activities also play a major role, in a proper bowel movement. So, exercising is one of the home remedies for constipation. Try to cultivate certain aspects as your daily routine to stay healthy and active.

There may be some specific diseases which are to be treated for which constipation acts as an indication. As constipation is a symptom for diseases, the root cause should be identified and corrected. Remember not to use laxatives for a free defecation. This when becomes habitual, the action of the bowel would start depending on those laxatives to defecate and would lead to other health problems.

Whenever one suffers from constipation, please understand that it is the nature’s call to you, to change your life style and live closer to nature. Consuming lots of vegetables and fruits daily, not only eliminates constipation, but also other diseases and ill-health. Do keep in mind that consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits delays the aging process. Say good bye to constipation by altering your life style, thereby exploring a new and healthy dimension of life.


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