6 Clear Signs That Someone is an Avid Sports Fan

Some people may think sports is just a simple game, but it can create happiness for many. This is the same happiness that can be seen in numerous games, gathering people and uniting them each time. Sports fans are everywhere and that’s just normal! There are so many sports to choose from and plenty of teams to cheer for. But how can you spot an avid sports fan? Avid fans love to wear their favourite sports shirt or jersey, but that doesn’t just end there. 

Here are signs that someone is an avid sports fan or signs that you’re the biggest sports fan out there: 

Buys Season Tickets or Sports Cable Packages 

Any avid sports fan would want to watch their supported team in person as much as possible, though this is not possible sometimes especially if their team is too far away, or the price of tickets is too pricey. In this case, avid sports fans will most likely have on-demand. On-demand is extremely flexible, and you can bring your team anywhere with you as long as you have the app on your smartphone. They’re perhaps in the break room looking at the newest scores or catching replays. 

You Own Team Apparel 

Man City's Community Shield kit is stunning 125th anniversary outfit  designed by Puma for clash vs Liverpool
Photo by talkSPORT

This one is very easy to spot! As an avid fan, for instance, you have a retro man city shirt if you support the Manchester City Football team. From shirts to hats to sweatshirts to anything that has a team logo or name on it. High school sports, college sports, and professional sports all count as teams. Most likely you have college gear that acknowledges your college name, but this won’t count unless it mentions the team of the sports or it looks like one of your team’s shirts. 

This may include books, movies, posters, or anything else that discusses your favourite team or a player from your favourite team. If it mentions the team name or their logo on it, then that counts as team apparel. You may also have specific player’s shirts also and that counts as being a sports fan. 

Some sports fans would love to be extra and buy accessories that associate with their favourite teams such as backpacks, headphones, phone cases, beer koozies and decal stickers for their car. And we know for a surety that if one of your avid sport fan friends invites you to their home, they would have a room dedicated to displaying their love of the sport or even decorate their own room using their favourite sports as the theme. 

You Immediately Update Yourself With Last Night’s Scores the Next Day 

As the typical avid fan, you would still check the scores when you wake up even if your favourite team didn’t play the previous night. It doesn’t matter if you do to check that your team is still in the lead or because you’re a fan of all sports! If you’re still a big sports fan, you will look at the scores as soon as you wake up. 

Or you have turned on notifications on your app on your phone, you’re still a sports fan. Who knows, you may still be a bigger sports fan if you have an app on your phone too. 

You Have a Custom Private Number Plate 

Range Rover Sport Number Plates | Range rover sport, Sports numbers, Number  plate
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Some avid fans would get private number plates with their favourite sports team on them. There will always be a plate that’s perfect for you whether your favourite sport is football, hockey, cricket, boxing, or even archery. If you want more customization, you may even add a personalized number or letter to your plate. Of course, the ones you would use are your favourite players’ jersey numbers. 

You Play Video Games

Obviously, not all sports fans can actually play the sports that well but deep inside a lot of us want to be famous sports stars. We try to pretend by playing FIFA, NHL, MADDEN, or NBA. According to fanspeak.com, 7 out of 10 FIFA fans prefer to play soccer or football games instead of the sport itself. This is considering that a lot of us have full-time jobs that don’t give us plenty of time to learn sports. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to relax and entertain yourself. So, if you have an avid sports fan friend, he or she most likely plays the sport virtually. 

You Can Talk All Day About It 

Most avid sports fans know every name of every player on their favourite team and they know the stats of each player. They love to talk about the game that just happened or the play that a certain player made. They will usually complain if they see bad penalties give, dumb injuries committed to players and get happy when they score. This simply means that they are very vocal about their love of the sport! 

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