In order to adopt the corresponding legal measures after determining the scope and responsibility of the parties involved in the importation of vehicles declared total loss in their country of origin and modified for sale in Costa Rica, the General Customs Directorate will strengthen its processes of inspection in this field.

From the results of these actions, the National Customs Service will determine the need to refer those responsible to the Public Ministry for the possible use of false documents, ideological falsification and other crimes, in addition to the imposition of a fine indicated in article 5 of the Traffic Law. The information will also be sent to the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), for the necessary coordination with the Vehicle Technical Review (RITEVE), because eventually said vehicles must be withdrawn from circulation, based on article 122 of the same law.

In accordance with article 5 of the Traffic Law No. 9078, it is forbidden to import for registration used vehicles that have been declared total loss, have unauthorized structural connections of the chassis, have been tampered with in their identification number, VIN or chassis, have been removed from circulation in their country of export, or that fail to comply with the general requirement for circulation, regarding the location of the driving wheel.

As a result of the crossing of information between data from the National Public Registry and the TIC @, and access to official pages of the United States Government, which provide the history of used vehicles imported from that country, this year the National Customs Service It has detected some 3,000 units with possible irregularities, which at the time of importation provided inaccurate data.

The information reflected in the history and the ownership titles of these used vehicles warned that some of the following legends are usually presented: Salvage-Total loss; Salvage-Parts only, destruction, Non rebuildable, Parts only, Total loss, Non repairable, Junk , Crush, Scrap, or Export Only. The imported used vehicles that most frequently presented this irregular situation are the Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Suzuki brands.

“The concern of the Ministry of Finance, in the face of this type of illegal importation, is that there are hundreds of citizens who have bought vehicles that could have been declared a total loss in the United States, which entails a real danger to their safety: We presume that they have bought their vehicles in good faith, without having knowledge of their history and real condition, ”said Fernando Rodríguez, Vice Minister of Revenue of the Treasury.

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