Different Types of Flanged Ball Valve

Flanged Ball Valve is one of the widely used ball valves in the plumbing system. It is designed for the elimination of back flow of fluid in the system. This device helps in reducing wastage of water and also reduces the risk of the pipe freezing up. The efficiency of this valve variety increases with the increase in temperature of the systems it is specially designed for.

PVC flanged ball valves are available in both the varieties high pressure and low pressure. There is an added advantage of long span and high tensile strength and it has an improved performance over the conventional flanged valves. IQS listing is a premier high quality commercial directory listing of top reputed stainless steel check valve suppliers and manufacturers. From the list you can easily access comprehensive product descriptions and review to source and select appropriate flanged ball valve varieties. The PVC flanged valve products come with an effective high tensile strength, durable material, along with good resistance against corrosion.

Most of the flanged ball valve brands are made of high tensile strength stainless steel or plated aluminum and iron etc. Most of them use a computer controlled cutting system to make the manufacturing process easier. Some popular and renowned brand names that are used by plumbing contractors are EZ Push button, Kwick Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), Zoll, Conseco, Helix and many more. The online catalogue of the online flanged ball valve manufactures provide the necessary information and details regarding the products and their prices.

The design and features of the ball valves are largely dependent on the type of application it is required for. The three-way valves are the most popular variety used for three-way control of water supply and can either be operated as open valves or closed valves. The valves are generally provided with one of the following options – closed/open, half opening and one-way. The complete two-way option is not very common. In the case of the closed/open type, the flanged ball design has a flap at its center to enable opening of both valves simultaneously when the flanged relief valve is in pressure.

Flanged Ball Valve Manufacturers often refers to the different types of flanged relief valves in terms of their shape and design. In general, the flanged ball design consists of two bowls with the inner one connected to the main line while the outer one carries the relief signal. If you beloved this short article and you would like to get extra data relating to homepage kindly take a look at our own web site. The inner bowl is designed in such a way that it fixes on to the flange of the main line. On the other hand, the outer bowl is normally fixed to the flange of a relief signal and hence cannot be removed. There are few manufacturers who may provide both the designs but they are few.

High operating pressure rating: Stainless steel ball valves have high operating pressure rating which makes them ideal for controlling water levels in underground mines. The only drawback of this high operating pressure rating is that it requires frequent checking to ensure that water levels are maintained. The high operating pressure rating is facilitated by the stainless steel body of the valve. However, in most of the cases, it may not be possible to match the body size to the required pressure of the valves due to the considerable difference in the thickness of the stainless steel and the body.

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