We know, every year you are looking for a self-tanner that works , with which you will not be surprised, that the tan is natural, that does not leave stains, that is easy to apply, light, comfortable, that reacts quickly and lasts. Well, you’re in luck, because at Freshly we have made it happen ! And also, all the natural technology behind this revolutionary formula will give you much more than you expect. Let’s find out!

How is the Freshly Self-Tanning and Tan Enhancer Cream?

Well, you are going to love it, just like everyone who has already tried it because the results are real!

We make the incredible come true! Hey body, let’s so! Get a natural, uniform and radiant tan easily and without surprises, we have the formula you were looking for! It is also for facial and body use , so that your face and neck do not give you away! It’s the Freshly tan, are you going to pass it up?

Let’s first talk about the texture of this self tanning cream and how easy it is to apply. Its texture is light, smooth and easy to spread , you can apply it without the need for a mitt, just massaging it with your hands, like any other cream, without complications! You will love the application experience because it also captivates with its aroma of fruity notes of papaya, orange, peach, lemon and black currant. Who can resist this combination of aromas?

And you still need to know the magic of this product! And it is that not only self-tan without leaving home , but also enhances the tan once you have already sunbathed.

The  Bronzing Radiance Self-Tanning Cream achieves the tan you are looking for and becomes visible after just 3 days after the first application. The tone darkens depending on your tone and skin type as you apply it day by day. Also, when you no longer want to darken your tone, you can maintain it by reapplying it every 2 or 3 days. If, on the other hand, you want to reduce the tone, it is as easy as stopping applying it and it will disappear following the natural process of renewal of your skin, without marks or fading! So, you are in control, you decide the tone , because your tan is unique.

How to add Bronzing Radiance Self-Tanning Cream to your routine

And if all this has not convinced you that this is going to be your favorite self-tanning cream, pay attention to this fact: its concentration of ingredients is 99.9% of natural origin and it also guarantees that this product is respectful with the environment. environment , which does not harm the planet or pose a problem for the oceans and biodiversity. Planet First!

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