Verizon iPhone Insurance Review

I’m a fan of Verizon insurance plans because they give you options when it comes to choosing how much coverage you need for your device. For example, if you’re not prone to breaking phones but tend to keep them after Apple’s warranty period, the extended warranty plan will cover you against defects at a relatively low price.

In my opinion, Wireless Phone Protection is the best offer of the three plans. It has a low monthly cost and covers accidental loss, theft and damage. And while manufacturer defects aren’t covered, Apple devices come with a one-year Apple warranty, so if you update your phone on a regular basis, I’d say it’s a safe bet to save money over the Total Mobile Protection plan.

As with the other plans I’ve talked about, I don’t think the phone recovery app and Total Mobile Protection plan tech support are worth the additional monthly cost. Apple’s free Find My iPhone app and online support blogs (like PayetteForward) should be more than enough to help you with any mobile mishap.

Apple Internal iPhone Insurance: AppleCare +

Finally, we come to Apple’s mobile insurance product: AppleCare +. This plan is different from the Big Three offers because you don’t pay monthly – there’s a one-time fee of $ 99 or $ 129 for two years of coverage, depending on your device. Coverage must be purchased directly from Apple within sixty days of purchasing your iPhone. If purchased online, Apple will run remote diagnostic software on your phone to make sure it is not damaged.


Pricing for AppleCare + is a breeze: iPhone 6S and newer users pay $ 129 for two years of coverage and a $ 99 damage deductible and iPhone SE users pay $ 99 upfront and a $ 79 deductible As you can see, this is much lower than the Big Three mobile insurance plans and eliminates the worry of paying for a service every month.


  • Coverage for accidental damage and manufacturing defects.
  • Two accidental damage claims are allowed during the 24-month warranty period.
  • Apple provides software support by phone and in store.

The main drawback to AppleCare + is that it doesn’t cover lost or stolen iPhones. If you lose your iPhone, Apple will not replace it for promotional prices, whether you purchased AppleCare + or not. Unfortunately, a lost iPhone means you have to buy a new one at the full retail price.

However, if you don’t need protection against loss or theft, I think AppleCare + is the best option for most iPhone users. The initial cost is relatively low and the deductions for damages are much lower than the competition of the Big Three. Plus, Apple stores can usually replace your iPhone on the spot, so you won’t have to wait for your carrier to ship you a new phone.

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