How to buy salvage cars in Colombia?

If you are interested in investing in a salvage vehicle, the first thing to keep in mind is that these are vehicles declared as total loss due to accident or theft (stolen cars are also considered as a total loss because the owner is compensated), which they are auctioned for repair and reuse or disassembled for the sale of spare parts or parts. 

Additionally, one of the ways in which you can buy this type of vehicle is through an auction, through a recognized auctioneer in order to guarantee the origin of the vehicles and the fulfillment of the processes in the shortest possible time. as well as the property of the good since it is one of the most important factors and in which more anomalies can occur.

In Colombia, the multinational Superbird has been dedicated to advising companies in optimizing the capital recovery of their disused industrial assets, helping them to find marketing solutions through a virtual auction system.

These auctions are carried out virtually, by entering, there you select the vehicle auction in which you want to participate and in it you will access the information of the available vehicles and you will know their current situation: make, model, km, state, etc. 

Anyone anywhere in the world can see the progress of the auction in real-time. 

But what do you need to enter a salvage car auction?

This is an open mechanism for the entire public. It is only necessary to create a user through the platform, accept the conditions and participate. 

At the moment the auction opens, it is possible to enter the platform and access all the information freely, before deciding on a particular asset, without any restrictions. 

After completing the two simple steps of enrollment and data validation, the buyer has the power to decide how much to pay and can start offering small increments of money until they are the winner.

In the specialized software for this sales model, all participants can see the offers of other customers in real time. It is essential to take into account the time and date of the auction closing so as not to be left out of it. 

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