Arcade Machine Buyer’s Guide

We have heard the entire stories; from the girl who used to play Galaga while trying to keep balanced on her roller skates, to the man who won his first kiss after showing off his Pac-Man skills. Arcade games have this ability to conjure up so many memories from the perfect parts of our childhoods. They take us back to a time the place worries were less and magic was real.

Today, achieving your childhood dream of owning your own arcade game has by no means been easier! Take a look at this helpful shopping for guide to study more concerning the process of finding and buying your subsequent favorite game.

Types of Games

Basketball Games

Basketball games enable players to test their skills and throw real basketballs in a net. These games might be linked together where multiple games might be going at the similar time, so you can test your skills head to head.

Crane Machines

We all keep in mind winning a stuffed animal from one in all these machines as a kid, and all of us know Crane Redemption Game – Game Room Guysthey’re still just as fun to play as adults. From small rubber duckies, to large stuffed animals, there’s a crane for every preference.

Dance Games

Popularized within the ninety’s with Dance Dance Revolution, these games are a hit with people of all ages; providing a enjoyable way to compete, exercise, and test your skills.

Driving Games

Whether it’s driving a race automobile, jet ski, or perhaps a pod racer, these games let players race in unlimited settings.

Gun Games

A favorite of many visiting their local arcade, gun games have realistic looking guns and can involve anything from hunting deer to killing zombies.

Golf Games

We’ve all heard of GoldenTee, the favored staple in lots of bars and game rooms, but did you know it also can come with SilverStrike bowling? However GoldenTee isn’t the only golf game available, there’s a mini-golf game called Putt!, as well as high-finish golf simulators from Full Swing. For those who’re a golfer, it’s worthwhile to check these out!

Redemption Games

Redemption games come in many styles. From the traditional Skee Ball, offering tickets, to more trendy prize games like Namco’s Dunk Tank Prize redemption game, where you possibly can win high dollar items. Many games in the other categories may also be categorized as redemption games.

Video Games

The most classic of all arcade machine types, video games include such notorious games as Pac-Man and Galaga, but also consists of multi-cade cabinets with hundreds of games. Positive, the driving games and gun games, among others, could be considered video games, but as the traditional gamers will inform you, video games are greatest defined as having a joystick and a few buttons.

Arcade games can differ in price from $1,500 for small table top models to over $29,000 for bigger games that totally immerse the player. For commercial areas, the price will be recouped over time by the usage of coin mechanisms, dollar bill acceptors, or card scanners. To save money, you may as well consider shopping for used or freight damaged games. In these instances, the game is like new and works completely however might have some visible scratches or chips to the cabinet. For those who don’t mind a little imperfection, it might be value saving $500 or more. Additionally, Game Room Guys has financing options available.


Arcade games don’t require a lot maintenance. To protect cabinet art, keep away from putting the game close to direct sunlight. Keep your game clean and dust free, by repeatedly wiping it down and cleaning the pc with canned air. Additionally, stay on the lookout for software updates.

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