Can’t access website Apple is working on fixing it; more info

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Following up on our of users unable to access website Paul Banfield offers the following:

“I also found that I was unable to connect to the Apple home page but the problem didn’t have anything to do with Open Transport. I have three Macs connected via Ethernet at my home office (all running 8.6 with Open Transport 2.03) and I use Vicomsoft SurfDoubler to share my one dial-up connection between the three. SurfDoubler has a local DNS serving/caching option which I had found to greatly speedup the loading of web pages. However, after Seybold I was no longer able to connect to the Apple home page (I also observed the attempted connection to After some experimenting I found that disabling SurfDoubler’s DNS server fixed the problem (thus reverting to having my ISP resolve all DNS queries).”
This is consistent with a couple of postings in the on this topic, which point to DNS as the cause. Other readers confirm that the problem extends beyond older Macs not using Open Transport. A posting by Ilene states that Apple is aware of the problem and google.comtr is working on it.