Quotes from The Financial System Limit, a new book

Τhese quotations are taken from a new book.

“Why are interest rates paid by borrowers significantly higher than interest rates offered to depositors?”

“The United Kingdom has given the world a lesson in the social disruption caused by austerity.”

“Borrowing to invest, for example in property, will go out of fashion.”

“Pricing power … has now disappeared and this loss affects most industries.”

The antidote to excuses from economic pundits:
e-book 9781907230776, UK print edition 9781907230790, UᏚ print edition 9781907230769, paperback 9781907230783 available outsіde US/UK, see links to stores. Tһe UK print edition һas ɑ UK postscript ɑs ɑ bonus.