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Jamis Winston will become a pirate at the end of the game.
Beijing October 2, Jameis Winston, took a half game, grabbed his first position.

Dirk Koetter, cheap jerseys Dirk Koetter, said that Winston will be the first quarter of the battle in the sixth week on the sixth week.

Although the other quarter-free Lan-Fitz Patrick is the first player in the new season in the new season in the new season, it seems to be the opportunity to look for opportunities. he. According to nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Lobport, in the third week of the Pittsburgh’s steel person, the team in Fitz Patrick almost got the team, and Dutter even considered let Lan Griffin (Ryan) Griffin) Replacement.

In the second half of the shameful defeat, the second half of the Chicago Bear Competition made the warmth of Winston before the ban. The latter 20 times successfully achieved 145 yards 1 time to two passes.

Curtel said that his plan has always made Wenston returns to the first position after the fifth week.

In the three games in the season, we saw the pirates had enough excellent offensive players helping to help quartz. Winston’s biggest problem is that it is easy to lose the ball. He needs to solve this problem to prove that he is a long-term candidate of the team in the four-defense position.

Given the poor defense, Winston must be able to lead the team frequent score after returning. If he can’t lead the pirate, then the whole team may have to experience blood.