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Butterfly Effect: additional points farther away later
This week 49 guest Steelers game, as always, the “Yellow Turban terror”, sub-section unexpected wave flow away game than the Steelers did something pioneers of the initiative. They did not try to get the first section after touchdown kick a minute additional points, but the two-point conversion attempt and success, this is the team for the first time since the completion of 98 quarter two-point conversion in the first section, followed by sub-section touchdowns again , 49 people were fined violated neutral zone, Steelers coach Mike – Tomlin gave an order! One yard line two-point conversion try again! Success again! I’m not sure steel head two touchdowns were using two-point conversion if unprecedented, but their behavior is absolutely for the entire Union are instructive.

Team on the Joint Assembly this spring, the team boss for a raise new fresh ideas, had a game-breaker points after touchdowns on kickoff at 2 yards, then the SWAT team and the kicker just need to face kick a 20-yard field goal, such as additional points are automatically added to; after meeting new resolution is: a sub additional points on the kickoff 15 yards, kicker will face 33 yards free kick. Only extended 13 yards, kicker for most purposes is almost a negligible distance, but strange event after another, record 210 additional points in the preseason, missed the league as much as 14 times! The entire regular season last season was only 7 times 256 games.

Additional points just one point hit rate decreased slightly some, there is nothing to make a fuss? The fact did not imagine so simple, it is to resolve the butterfly effect arising from additional points farther away later in this article:

First, 15 yards and two yards difference is really big in this?

The first set of data: 99.3% hit rate on additional points quarter fell to 93.3% of the preseason, 94.0% two weeks until the regular season, taking into account the season 30-35 yards free kick hit rate is about 95 %, this value may be able to react so real distance average hit rate, increasing the distance so that the hit rate is reduced indisputable fact.

The second set of data: the league this season despite missing the preseason record additional 14 minutes, but the free kick 30-35 yards but no one to go empty, this is why?

It seems to involve psychological level, additional points on defense this season before the defender can feel that no matter how hard, the distance is too close, almost can not stop the other hit a point, and a 2-yard line kickoff there punt hand the possibility of attack on two points of pass-ditch defender and does not fully cover shot; and the kickoff 15 yards to push the point, as to the defending side has injected a dose of confidence, need not worry about the other will play the pass attack ball pattern, defender just shot the cover of each other’s best lap. Kickers farther, hindering greater, so the additional points lower hit rate and also a rare.

Second, the kicker is more hardships? SWAT team members more edge?

Apart from the Steelers and Jaguars deal for both sides to replace kicker outside, in the preseason just one month, as much as five league team to replace the kicker, the history is unique. This will certainly have some problems associated with the additional points of the preseason, but a problem we should face up to is kicker day more and more difficult.

Almost everyone watching football when there is a habit, no matter how superb goalkeeper fighting skills, no matter how bad penalty kick players footwork, seemed to hit the penalty is right and proper, missed a penalty would be nailed pillar of shame. Football is also true, unless unusually severe weather conditions, seemed less free kick 50 yards kickers have an obligation to be a hundred percent hit, people are often easy to overlook, not a free-kick and two kickers game between the goalposts, but after twenty large men tip-to-head combat, kicker must balance, calculate the appropriate angle and direction, and shot the ball just Guo Shu big hand cover to the ball shot too “sophisticated” skills between the measure and columns, while often missed kick, people always willing to count the responsibility to play the hand body, but often overlooked teammate, weather, wind direction, among other factors.

Imagine kick the next game, the pressure to play the hand carried, not just the last moment, even the additional points are starting to become less secure. Considering the kicker NBA Draft was only selected in the sixth only seven, the league’s highest-paid kicker Stephen – Gorst Koski was only 4.3 million, took the lowest salary kicker, but doing the most stressful job.

Another problem last season, just before the line of scrimmage from the side 30 yards to 35 yards to push, which means that most of the kick-off time will turn back to front (Touchback), return man did not have much chance Fenti gallop the opportunity to return to the attack, which in itself reduces the Secret Service crew usage and photographed. Additional points now increase the difficulty, and perhaps make some teams to increase the ratio of two-point conversion, so offensive and defensive players down harder, SWAT team members the opportunity of playing even less, virtually implication is that in the draft or the 53 National People’s Congress on the list of choices, each team will give up and avoid some of the SWAT team members, and those with special skills, special teams will be God’s living space will be further compressed.

Third, the two-point conversion team more and more?

Most NBA coach has a set of calculations: as long as the three-point shooting rate of 33.3%, and two-point shooting rate of 50% of the effect is exactly the same. And we bring this algorithm on the NFL, is half as long to complete the two-point conversion, and a hundred percent hit bonus points will be able to achieve the same effect, not to mention today’s additional point shooting only about 94%.

So the question is whether the two-point conversion can reach half the hit rate? I figure a bit quarter of 2009 -2014 season total of two points in six seasons conversion percentage, 40%, respectively, 49.1%, 46%, 50%, 47.8%, 47.5%, totaling 46.2%, which means two try 100 times conversion can be obtained 92.4 min, 100 min 94 additional points may be obtained, scoring efficiency happens almost!

As we all know, soccer provides one on one penalty kick from 12 yards from goal no interference. And many of my friends who are not familiar with American Professional Football League (MLS) and penalty shootout rule is similar to ice hockey, no blocking of free throws after a hand ball from the goalkeeper singled shooting circle. From game shape, the additional points play like the English style of play penalty, static moves of the foot; and two-point conversion is more in line with the tastes and feelings of American sports, taking into account the 2013 season by the two-point conversion 3 yards nationwide unified moved two yards, and scoring efficiency and additional respectively goes for, I believe some of the two-point conversion expertise of the team more likely to use the two-point conversion in the first half.

Fourth, the game more dramatic?

1906 years ago to implement forward pass football, rugby history turned a new page, but then the replacement of one hundred years of rule it is difficult to be called “reform.” NFL until 1991 to introduce two-point conversion rule, so the team behind adding more chance to chase points, then the game really quality has been improved, two-point conversion rules are still in use.

Since the sub-security rare, so most of the current NFL game score of 6 points and 3 + 1 are grouped, so the previous season game, two-point conversion mostly in the third and fourth end, usually to chase points behind the team, as well as leading the team to calculate the points difference and use. After touchdown points difference, the choice is substantially the following table:

And today’s game, additional points hundred percent hit rate can not be guaranteed, so that more two-point conversion on the use of the team in the first two, so that the score after touchdown season game might be 6 + 0, is also possible 6 + 2 points early in the game to play and contrary to conventional theory score points difference, the second half will see more outlandish points difference and coaches selected the game’s drama, suspense and irritation will be raised.

Fifth, how to complete the two-point conversion efficiently?

The ever-changing tactics of the football field, but the two-point conversion tactics are nothing more than general classification of the following four:

1, the attacking side shotgun formation station, and a proximal wide receiver front row on the outside, false pass, the quarterback rapidly cross tee ball to running back, with the road surprise attack fight each other, running back for 2 yards squeeze is not much difficult.

2, sent 23 configuration (two running backs, three tight end), it seems to be a strong rushing the ball, but in reality false run it completely, after moving pocket quarterback finding the open goal.

3, tallest, most powerful catcher listed separately on the outside and opponents singled to deal with fear rushed the ball can not double-team, but also because the ball is not fast double-team, kick-off directly after the quarterback holding a high lob beat.

4, heroic quarterback done after alternate flying ball fake jumps into the end zone.

No matter how tactical arrangements, will definitely be falsehoods, evasive style of play, the other side can not doubt for a second time, will be able to win a split between.

Sixth, the team’s two-point conversion which the most efficient?

I believe many of my friends, including myself, would like to think: high red zone efficiency the team will be able to win more, after all, two-point conversion put it more plainly, it is the fourth gear 2 yards before the end zone.

If in accordance with the foregoing criteria, then the two-point conversion higher success rate team will be: Seahawks (own beast Lynch), wholesale authentic jerseys free shipping Patriot (good at short passes and Brady tall glycopyrrolate Koski), Emirates (good at short passes and tall Travis Smith – Kelsey), saints (archery Brisbane and tall – Jim Graham), and Pony (never give Andrew – Mubarak) .

But recent statistics six seasons the team two-point conversion success rate, the final results have been surprised: Chicago Bears 16, 13 of the most successful, in addition to the Rams (12, 9), the Giants (8, 7), Steelers ( 10 8), jeans (11, 7) and Viking (11 7) be two points expert conversion. Strength is willed, we should be able to understand why the Steelers can use it twice a two-point conversion in the first half.

Seemingly strong team and there is no outstanding achievements, extraordinary team has chosen to bring surprises. Two-point conversion usually have a great relationship with spot command, coach compete judgment of the party and the defense group status, how to handle the quarterback and offensive coordinator tactical routines whimsy usually to defeat the enemy, as superstar the number of how many, and success is not so much frankness. After all, football is not on paper, not so simple; football is not rocket science, is not so complicated.


Add additional points away like a ripple, kickers more difficult, SWAT team members worried about their job security, attack and defense team members daily need to add more red zone training, research coordinator also more overtime efficient offensive and defensive routine, almost everyone has become a loser, then the decision whether a thankless task?

Professional football every change is to make the game more entertaining, the ultimate winner is only one & mdash; & mdash; fans.

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