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[A version of the column] Falcon VS Eagle: wholesale jerseys Double Eagle Episode 10 Group
The 2018 season regular season unveiled the “Double Eagle” falcon and the eagle game will sound the first shot of the new season at 8:20 this Friday morning, in addition to the routine attack and defense confrontation, the monarch in Mars splash in the game Union is also a fans who are happy. This article takes you to see the key to the ten groups of the winners of the scene:

Jason – Kyle (center) vs Grady – Jeret (defensive cut off)

East Tower-Wall, Jeretel should stand more in the middle of the midway and the other party. From the last season, it is officially ranked among the first-class center of the alliance. Jason Cessi, when faced with any internal defense, It’s no fear, but the Falcon defensive cut-off Jerret is a hard-working opponent. Jereti Kelsea is nearly 10 cents, but it is necessary to be nearly 20 pounds, meaning that the lower plate is more stable, and the rapid impact of Kelsea’s good at Kelps in the face of Jeret is very powerful. Physical strength, plus Jeret is completed in the 273-speed anti-run, and Kelps’s road cover will inevitably do not look at it.

Passing the protection itself is not Kyle’s strength (the success rate of the alliance “only column 21), and the 25-year-old Jeret seems to have continuous progress every year, and he has made it last season. Nearly 40 times, facing the front line of the eagle almost all-star level, Falcon defensive front lines, Jeret, is really likely to have the advantage in Kelsea to affect the game.

Renne – Johnson (Right Patter) VS Vick – Bisley (Defensive Did)

Johnson of “Manual Dog Head” also gradually laid the title of the strongest right thing in the last season. Vik Bisley although he made ordinary last season, he was in 2016, but it was expensive as a league killing king, due to hunting The eagle defensive front line uses deep-wheel replacement, Bisley’s primary gear will not debut, so the two versions will appear in the anti-military. Last season, Johnson passed the success rate of 97.2% Rank League, the first cut, the third, the playoffs did not lose anything to kill, revealed Bisley, even the peak season, his rumor is only 10.3%, His faults last season is only 8.0%, ranking the 66th place in all outer defensivers. It seems that Bisley is difficult to escape from the cage of Johnson’s cloth.

Looking back at the National Association, Bisley, which is lighter, and his body is tangled by Johnson, and he immediately slows down, and the game, Bisley, is still in the 20-speed branch. 2 times Falls’ rush passes, the reason is that once Bisli essays Johnson’s entanglement from the outside through the speed advantage, it can immediately threaten the Works. On the opening of the battle, due to the universal side of the squad, the Falcon’s threatening of Falls, Bisley, Bisley, and Johnson’s entanglement Entangled disputes will be very critical.

Jay – Akai (Runaway) VS Di I – Jones (Middle Railway)

This is the contrast between two players that are very similar. Legalit-Brown Team, Akai will get a lot of play time, Akan’s common routine is to seek opportunities along the outer area, but Dion Jones is in just the use of speed coverage two wings. The zone, pursued the opponent’s running guard. The two of the body is also not good at dry and live, and Akai is not good at walking, Jones is not good at seating space. A group of data: Akai broke through the 138-shockey trial, and Jones only appeared in the 54 anti-run, and I could hold it. I can break through the hug. See who can open the wind in the unveiled battle.

For both parties, it is not ordinary in the 2018 season. In Agay, after the 2017 season transfer is the wind wave, this Jui Grett – Brown Tech, Akai will be the eagle’s running guard, and Akai, who hopes to get one through the 2018 season. The big contract, and board the leaders of the alliance; and Jones just selected professional bowls, one year of steps, hoping that they can become the strongest anti-parallel line bath of the league in 2018, and the two officers It is important enough.

Zach – Erz (near-end) VS Nun – Neil (Qiangwei) + Brian Poole

In the past season passed, Erz had a chance of 37.3% listed in the near-terminal, but there were 44.3% of the chart in the groove connector, 17.9% column, and Erz’s comprehensiveness allows the opponent to come to someone Peripheral. When column is in the near-end front position, the Falcon Strong Jiunu-Neil will defense against it, although Nielbiez is short 13 centime 30 pounds, but Neil’s core power is full, and Erz is difficult to eat opponent. However, Erz has its own strength, his vertical speed is a first-class, plus big steps running, and Erz can run away from the route to the guard, in this season In the 78th pick-up opportunity, only 4 times off the hand, the stable hands were also difficult to interfere with Nier.

When Ejs column is in the slot, the speed and smart ratio of the Falcon Slot Horn is stronger than Nieier, but the body advantage of Erz is more advantageous in front of Po, and Ejz can even be like most The outer junction is like running vertical route, just like a small number of Geloski, I believe Po will hard to prevent. In addition, Erz is at the point of attack, 21.4% of the ball support rate is the highest league, nearly 80% of the ball, also shows his super high attack efficiency. Last year, the DC 5 passed the 32 yards passing the ball 56, and I believe that the opening of the Cunwutz will not be so low.

Alquin-Jeffrene (external handover) VS Day Smond Truste (Corner)

The evaluation of the two in the alliance is not hot, medium bias. If the truth is taken over, Jeffrey is already the first-class outer jackpiend, and his lagging advantage is facing most of the alliances. And Tlufante is a corner of the head of the play, but because of the body problem, it usually suffers from the opponent’s external to the opponent, so Truste will not be close to the opposite side of the opponent. The opponent, but put the opponent five or six yards, re-use the speed and pre-judgment to reduce the space, complete the hug.

Last year, the Division of Trusters was in Trufant. He passed the ball in Trutafoff. 2, a 13 yard, a record 15 yard, one of them is Trufit into the regional defense, letting Jeffrey After receiving the middle distance, another time was running around Jeffrey to get a spatial completion, but the only unfinished pass is Jeffrey running long distance, by Turfan destroyed passed. It is clear that Tronte has always left Jeffrey to leave their body, short-selling shortcomings, blocking Jeffrey’s vertical attack. Of course, if Jeffrey has no relationship between Trutafan, Trutifer, it has not matterd, after all, Durfante is almost left, and Jeffrey can change to the right wing to attack.

Alex Mark (Middle) VS Fletcher Cox (defensive cut off)

Although it has been 32 years old, Mark’s competitive state has been maintained in the best, according to PFF rating, the next quarter Mark ranks alliance center second (second only to the eagle Jason – Kyle). Among the eagles in many first-class defensive front lines, as the only internal defenders that can prevent running, Cox is the core of the eagle defensive group. As a medium-sized pillar, Mark and Cox of the respective team attachment and defense is sufficient to focus on.

Since both parties are in the importance of their respective team pavement, I am afraid that both parties are difficult to account for absolute upper wind, but the passive ball can see the problem. Mark’s career has been known from Brown to Falcon, but it has been known as a high-efficiency pavement, but in the air, as a tall center, Mark sometimes loses his body balance, so from achievement, his biography The success rate of ball protection has been downstream of the league. And Cox, his rushing skills and anti-running are equally excellent. Although Cox has often lost his body balance, he is not only persistent to Niu Chong, and the other rushing moves are quite familiar, and the whole group last season In the 110 inside guardians, Cox ‘s Relief Efficiency Ranking Alliance Sixth. I know that the outer rush of the eagle is invincible in the world, and once Mark can’t resist the single blast of Chicos, then Matt Ryan’s game will become very struggling. Fortunately, last year of the Division of China, Mark is in 41 Any pressure is not released in the ball protection.

Ryan Schred (Right True) VS Chris Lang + Michael – Bennet (Defensive Did)

When the 3rd occupational bowl players Bennet joined the eagle, he will have a 33-year-old Lautenant handle, the left side of the eagle, and the number of careers of their two careers add up to the 117.5 Times, but you have to swap in the same place! Bennet is more good at Niu Chong, a tie in the arms, and then pushing his opponent to the opponent. It’s hard to imagine that Chris Langsheng has never entered the professional bowl. Compared with Bente, it is a typical outer rushing hand, and it is a chance to threatens the four-guards through the trip. Compared with the pure outstanding young young, Long’s technical movements are more perfect, which is good at supporting opponents with anti-hands to achieve the advantage. The two styles have been combined with a different striker, plus them to attack the opponent’s pass to the right trip, it seems that it is impossible to stop.

Compared to two rushers, the fetch of the Falcon’s right cut to Shreder is far away, but why do I think he can block the combination of two top rumors? As a nfl jerseys right cut, the reason is that the road cover and pass protection should be “three seven open”. The skill of Schred pavement is not too much, but the pass protection has maintained a high level in the last five years. It is not exaggerated. In the past four years, his passive success rate can be ranked first in the top ten of the league. Since he has a tall figure, there is a flexible footsteps, which guarantees that he has the opportunity to restrict his opponent on the right side. As a “lower dog”, if Schred fruit is really limited, the chance of false birds is coming.

Jack – Matthew (left trunks) VS Brandon-Glaham + Derk-Barnett (defensive end)

Continue to say that rushing, left truncation and weak side of the rushing hand are often the most exciting single picking. Last season, the eagle successfully won the championship, Brandon Glaham stabilized the contribution and super bowls laid the winning bureau’s copy of the victory, the most underestimated rushing hands in this alliance finally bloomed in the big stage, His powerful arms, such as a kind of strong calves, which help Glaham completed the actions such as Niu Chong and the outer rushing, so even if he went to the left or midway replacement defensive Pass, Glaham can also rank the top twenty in the total alliance in the impact efficiency. As the first round show of last year, Derk Barnet quickly adapted to the rhythm of the professional alliance. If you have more responsibility, Barnett may take more responsibility, but in the eagle, Barnett only Need to do his most familiar work: the three-speed use speed hit the other party’s left-trial! Although the impact efficiency is only the ranking of the entire alliance, it is a rookie to complete 6 records in the 304-speed scorpion, 10 hits and 21 hurry passed, to the new season, you are hard to imagine this rushing beast Can grow up to any point.

Falcon left avatars, in addition to the thoughts of the rookie season, the three seasons have gradually grown, and they are around 20 or so, which is about twenty of the ranking alliance, as the famous Hall of the Front, Bruce – Matthew son, Jack has the most perfect mentor in the world. He not only inherited his father Kong Wu’s high body, but the basic skills also had no problems, except for the footsteps, Jack-Matthew had a great left interception All the conditions of the front. This battle faces the combination of Glaham and Barnett, the two people are different, and the blind side protection will be extremely important. Last year, the national joint parties, Matthew almost perfectly in the 41-speed ball protection Pressing any pressure, Pearl Yu is in front, Matthews should have confidence.

Dude Tower – Fremy (Runaway) VS Malcolm – Jenkins (anti-passage guard)

Fremman has a short body, dexterous shaking and powerful calf, which makes him become one of the best in the alliance, and one of the best at breaking through the crowd, and in the pass attack, Fremman can also pick up short pass, and Relying on personal capabilities to create long distance advances. Last year, the eagle who often uses very guards (six defensive guards) often let Jenkins are put on the three gears, let him focus on the opponent’s running guard, and the effect is well received. Take the last year’s Division as an example, Fremman and Jenkkins were aligned in the two-three portal attack and defense. Although Fremman’s road surface was only 10 rushed 7 yards, but the passing of the ball is 5 times. All received. In the opposition, Jenkkins will leave some space to give Fremman, but Jenkkins will quickly stop it from continuing to advance, but Fremman is not a harvest. The Falcon is only remembered. It is Jenkins to protect Fritman in the Red Area. When the eagle rushed to make Matt Ryan, Jenkins I thought I could get a record of Len, I gave up my body-behind Fremman. Ryan throws a rainbow ball, just crossed Jenkins head, it can be said that Jenkins’ judgment mistakes makes the eagle lose the reach.

It is well known that Fremman is very bad in the pass protection, for example, two years ago, the super bowl was completed by Tang Tao-Haoter to change the historical copy of the history, and the country of China was partitioned. In the game, his pass protection was killed twice in the opponent’s raid, and Jenkkins had a chance of 7.8% last season, and Fremman had a very careful attention to Jenkins’s “active attack”.

Hurio-Jones (outer junction) VS Ronald – Darby (Corner)

Hulio Jones’s personal strength is not required, and Darby has also proved that he can stand alone when he takes over the opponent’s number one after another. In the national affiliate partition, pass to Jones a total of 16 pass 9 in 9, in the dilemma, Jones prove that he is the most strong thigh in the Falcon, which is more than the anti-Jones, the data is 53 yards.

In this battle, the strategy to face Jones is “Leave the defense”, letting Jones away from the body eight9 yards, then continue to retreat, this warfare is full limit to the vertical bombing of Jones, but the first to Jones passed the ball 2 After passing 2, including 21 yards long pass, at this time, the ratio realized the problem, and the head is never solved the problem. Subsequently, reached the strategy, although it still puts Jones in front of eight9 yards, but after the kick, Die rapidly compressed space, not let Jones get the opportunity to catch the ball, so close to the defense, but Matt Ryne can only be Forced to pass some of the very difficult balls to avoid the CD. Entering the end of the game of the Falcon’s descent time, Dhabao is a hidden body contact to Jones in the end area, let the Jones jump, and the second ball is Jones Dynasty Middle Road to pick up the ball, only It is necessary to have a detective to complete the killing, but at this time, the ratio is Doubled in the front two yards in the terminal area, and it can be said that the ratio of the two remembers of Jones can be said. If Rilan and Jones are “the first connection between the world”, then the ratio is the ruthless scissors! On the opening, the jersey number is replaced with more cool 21, or the “Dai Shub is” Hurio-Jones, which is a great revenge. This group of doweline may be the most worthy of attention.

Winning forecast

From the key to the key to the position, the Eagle offense and the patriant defense have basically half a catty. Even at this point, the falcon is hard to find the defenders who can focus on his defensive; and the pair of Falcon offensive and Eagle defense On the front line of this “civilianization”, it seems difficult to block the Eagle’s “The First Rushing”. Plus the ratio seems to have restricted the martial arts of Hurion Jones, I believe that unveiling of Nick Fufu Lus is fully abnormal, otherwise the falcon will be difficult to retreat from the coronation of the defending champion.