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The Casino School of Site is an online course for beginners looking to learn the game of Baccarat in the comfort and safety of their home. Designed by world renowned casino trainer, Val Chavarini, the course is broken down into three major lessons, each designed to give you the fundamental knowledge you need to get to a good start in this extremely competitive casino game. The three principal lessons include: The Foundations of Baccarat, The Foundations of Blackjack, and The Secrets of Baccarat.

The Foundations of Baccarat covers what you should know prior to even stepping foot into the casino. The course will cover all the basics of the casino game, such as how to bet properly on baccarat. The course will introduce you to the symbols and will teach you about the different betting methods.

The Foundations of Blackjack will cover the various methods of betting that are used in Baccarat. They include straight lines, multiple channels as well as three- and four-wheel games. In addition to this important lesson, students will learn the blackjack strategy, reading the board, and fundamental baccarat rules. This book is the ideal introduction to Baccarat and is a great beginning point for anyone who is contemplating signing up to play an online casino game.

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