The Art of Making Love to a Man-3 Ways of Pleasing Your Man in Bed

Making love to a man is a totally different thing to having sex with him.
Sex can be a “quickie” or just a way of relieving any sexual frustration that you have. Making love to a man is about taking your time and showing him what he means to you.

Here are three tips on how to make love to a man.

1. You might think that men like to just get on with it but thats not the case, they love foreplay just as much as you do.

Your man will love it if you gently kiss his neck and chest and stroke him down the sides of his body with your fingers.

2. After the foreplay tease him some more by lying him on his back while you get on top of him. Don't let him get inside just yet but tease him by rubbing your vagina on his penis while putting your breasts near his mouth.

By now he will be at your mercy and will be enjoying the best love making he has ever received.

3. When making love to a man you should be in control because after all it's you that is doing the love making and not him. So now that he is at the peak of his arousal let him slip inside, keep him deep and move your hips slowly.

The deeper you keep him the longer he will last and the more pleasure you will get.

Just bear in mind that making love to a man should be a gentle caring experience for him. So don't let him take charge because he will just get over excited and turn it into just another sex session.

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